DIGITAL Marketing

DIGITAL Marketing

by k9812d

“connect, engage and grow”

Express yourself, and reach a wider audience using digital marketing. Imagine Works has one strong arm of crafting and executing digital marketing campaigns. We take your brand to the next level.

Imagine Works evolves the customer website to make it reachable to a larger crowd and a big horizon of unseen and people from whom the leads can be generated. With specialised teams in place, we help the existing/new websites optimise for search engines, social media and help the website to float higher on the search engines. Google & Facebook campaigns, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media advertisements and mobile ad campaign is what we can design and execute on clients end.

We provide back linking, cross linking techniques to increase the traffic on the website. Its more predominant for existing e-commerce sites, as we have specialised people with specialised skills to generate leads for higher conversion on the website.

With all this to deliver, we provide all the monitoring and analysis tools to analyse the response on the site. Which helps us to create a proper feedback for restructuring our strategy if required.

Organic Marketing

This is the best and healthy style of digital marketing strategy for business. The crux of this form, is based on the fact of targeting right content to the right people and maintaining a consistent engagement. The better the campaign content, the better is the response and further is the reach.

Inorganic Marketing (Paid)

We design and execute paid campaigns on Search Engine and Social Media platforms. This may be coupled or executed independently; either ways, we can orient the campaign based on the objectives of the client. This form of marketing, ensures a wider reach in shortest time, but results are more consistent if it is run in parallel with Organic Marketing.

Organic marketing services

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – On-page, Off-page
  • Keyword, Phrase research and analysis
  • Directory and forum submission/engagement
  • Social media identity creation/engagement
  • Handling promotional activities
  • Link building, Back linking activities

Inorganic Marketing

  • Curating a campaign structure
  • Channelising funds in various streams
  • Linking to analytics tool for monitoring
  • Outbound marketing techniques
  • Handling the interaction & engagement

Key Benefits of the Service

We study the changing marketing dynamics, which makes under closer of what the user demands and how it has changed over period of time. Imagine Works, can handle end-to-end strategy of building a brand online.

  • We help evolve the strategy and objectives
  • We analyse and list the channels of marketing
  • We provide dedicated people for executing
  • We report at intervals about the performance
  • We help companies reach maximum crowd with optimum budgets

Digital Marketing, walks hand in hand with Content writing and Graphics designing. Both of which are handled in house.

We provide proper analysis of the target market and crowd we aiming to reach with the marketing strategy, and execute to achieve the objectives.

Every package comes with specific analytics tool that helps in analysing the reach, performance and gauge the success of the campaign.

Basic SEO is performed on all Web Applications developed by us. We give a bundle at discounted prices. Contact us to know more.