How To Go Viral

How To Go Viral

by k9812d

When you hear the word ‘viral,’ what is the first thing that goes through your head? If you see the same ‘Imagine Works’ post five times on your newsfeed, does it mean it has gone viral? If you share a petition that you’ve signed, does that make it more viral? Is it possible for an entire website to go viral, or is it just for videos? And how do you even make something go viral, anyway?

Now, people throw around the word so often, that there are more questions about the idea of ‘going viral than there are answers. 

First let’s understand, what does it mean to “go viral”? 

To put it simply an image, piece of information, video etc. circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another, that gains global popularity in a short span of time is what we call as ‘viral’

So, how does one go viral?

While most of the post’s that go viral are not aimed at it, but with a little planning and right content your post can go viral too!

Here are few tips you can consider if you want to go viral:

Consider Current Events and Trends

A topic is best when it is hot and fresh, with current events or trends you have a better chance at getting your content viewed because people are already searching for it on Google, Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else.

Ask yourself how you can incorporate today’s newsworthy trends into your viral?

Always stay up-to-date with Google news section and checkout the Google Trends. Facebook and Twitter are also where everything goes viral quick, keep your eyes close on the trending topics

Create Awesome Video Content

Everybody loves a good video! How much time do you spend watching videos on Social Media? I’ll make a guess and say atleast 80% of your browsing is spent in watching videos.

Nothing goes viral quicker than a video, while there no rules on what format your content should be in, but the better visuals the better the chances of it going viral.

If you’re to upload a video to YouTube, Facebook or even Vimeo and get discovered by others who like what they see, the chances are that they will share it on their own social media and do the promotion for you.

Use Relevant Keywords Anywhere You Can

I cannot stress enough on how important keywords are, people will type certain keywords and phrases to search for stuff.

Keep in mind that people are typing in keywords and phrases to search for stuff — either in Google or in any other platform’s search field — so if you can manage get your content to come up in the results, then you’ve truly got a great chance of getting in front of the eyes of the right people.

Make sure you can fit as many keywords as possible in the headline, description and throughout the text body if it has more written content.

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr and twitter also make use of tags or hashtags, which help show you in the search results better.

Use Your Great Sense of Humor

After a long day, or when you’re just feeling lazy and kicking it back, we all love to watch funny videos or read some humorous content, to take some heat off. The funnier it is the more it is shared.

So, if you have a knack for comedy then you might just be able to pull of the attention to go viral.

If your stuff is creative and funny enough, there is high possibility of it getting featured on all sorts of sites and blogs — contributing to the viral traction you were hoping for.

Be As Unique As Possible

Finally, you cannot have rehashed content with mediocre message and expect to go viral, or even get noticed by significant audience.

When people see something amazing, something they’ve never seen before they will get excited. So, get to know your audience, the demographics make connections based on their interests.

In other words, you must hit them right in the emotions. That’s what it takes, if you want to go viral instantly these days.

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