How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

How to Overcome Writer’s Block?

by author

Every author once (or more) hits this rock bottom called Writer’s Block– simply refers to a condition wherein an author loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slow down. If you’re on this blog, then you clearly are facing one.

To put into words the feeling, let me tell you about my experience with ‘Writer’s Block’ and how I overcame it.

Identifying the condition

As usual, I grabbed my laptop, opened word, took a sip of my coffee and was ready to type away, but the only problem was I couldn’t write.

Even with all the resources right at my fingertips, I was staring at the blank screen of my laptop as if the words would somehow weave themselves into a story.

My mind felt numb with a million thoughts probing at me, but I couldn’t formulate a single thought into an idea. In this very moment, I knew that it has crept on me, I’ve hit the block.

And If there’s a writer’s hell, this is it.

Source of the condition

As a full-time content writer, you’re expected to churn out content on daily basis. This can often cause exhaustion to your creative process.

As the content kept getting generic, I started losing my creativity, further leading to loss of interest and boredom.

People may categories boredom with laziness, but in my case, what I really meant by that was, I lacked inspiration. It’s difficult to come up with original ideas if you aren’t inspired by something.

Now, people may assume that the block is just a ‘mentality’, but there’s actual evidence that shows under stress, a human brain will “shift control from the cerebral cortex to the limbic system”.

Our instinctual processes such as “fight or flight” are associated with the limbic system. The limited input from our cerebral cortex hinders our creative processes, which is then replaced by the behaviors associated with the limbic system. This causes the feeling of mental block.


Now that I identified both the problem and its source, it’s time to move forward to the solution. Everybody has a different approach to resolving Writer’s block, what works for me may not necessarily work for you too, but it will definitely help you narrow down to a set of solutions.

Take a nap– There is nothing better in this world than sleep, a nice nap can clear your head and exhaustion.

Take a walk – Go to the nearest beach, park or even market! People and places might just inspire you.

Approach it differently – If you’re stuck on the title or heading skip it, come back to it later. If you’re unsure about the format, just jot it down edit the draft later.

Rethink your angle – If you’re unable to go ahead with a topic, drop it and choose another one.

Be Kind– don’t beat yourself up if you cannot produce work at the moment, acknowledge your mental health and take a break.

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