How To Write A Blog?

How To Write A Blog?

by author

Blogs are the most important part of online culture.

It is safe to say everyone with access to internet reads blogs, whether they’re “official” news blogs that are associated with traditional news media or topic-based blogs related to one’s work or hobbies, or they’re blogs purely based for entertainment.

The term ‘weblog’ was coined in 1997, it was then in 1999 shortened to ‘blog’.

They haven’t been around since the dawn of the internet, but past five to ten years they have really taken off and become an important part of the online landscape.

Now, coming to the topic in hand ‘How to write a blog?’, I will skip the technicalities such as how to post it, and stick to the structure and format of the blog.

Here are 5 basic steps you’ll need to follow:

1)    Choosing a topic

A simple basic step that can be very challenging.

Before you choose your topic review your target audience, you cannot post celebrity gossip on your traveling or cooking blog. Some topics might seem juicy, but if it doesn’t connect with your audience don’t write about it.

If you run a news blog, it is easier for you to generate content as you must keep up with current affairs. Don’t be afraid to talk about the trending topics, it doesn’t matter how many outlets have already spoken about it there’s always room for fresh perspectives.

2)    Research

Once you’ve settled on a topic, don’t just go with the first source of information you receive on it. Take the time, read blogs on similar topics, and if there is information available offline go through it too.

Even if you’re well-versed with the topic, different perspectives help you build the content better.

3)    Execution

Now that you’ve completed your research it’s time for you to formulate a structure to present your story.

It is easier to start by deciding on your narratives, based on which you can structure your whole blog.

4)    Proof-reading

No matter how great your topic and how good your execution is, if you don’t proof-read your blogs your audience will lose its interest.

It’s not necessary for you to be perfect, but it’s important to be correct.

5)    Plagiarism Check

You can take inspiration from sources but only as a reference, do not copy their content and pass it off as your own.

If you do copy the same content paraphrase it and credit the rightful owner, as a writer you should know yourself how much efforts a piece takes.

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