Visitor Management

Visitor Management

by k9812d


Organisations keep a track of its visitors. Either a list of visitors who can be expected is provided on the gate or whenever a visitor comes in, the permission is requested from the office. On arrival, they issue a visitor pass, which makes the visitor recognizable as an authenticated entity and has the access to the premise.

Vizittor is the application that provides a complete solution for visitor management. It provides authentication system on local premise integrating all the RFID/Barcode/Biofinger scanners, an online portal allowing the visitor to prebook the appointment and also authorization (programming on the fly) for access to sections.

Vizittor is developed by a regressive market research and requirement gathering. The solution has been tested and deployed in multiple small and medium scale industries, and the feedbacks were reviewed and constantly deployed as updates in the application.

This complete solution, integrates the Web application to the Offline application, enabling the visitor to book appointments online and produce the proof offline. Such an arrangement can help save a lot of time for visitors and the company executives, and prevent long queues and time taken for data entry.

Vizittor provides graphical representations of the data collected, and various types of reports can be generated between a range of date & time. Other standard text reports can be generated based on multiple filters and exported to Excel format or emailed directly.

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Modules in the application

  • Easily Check -in /Check out – Record, track and search visitor within few minutes.
  • Multiuser, Central Admin controlled
  • Employee visitor pre-registration: Employees can pre-register their own visitors allowing security to know that the visitor is expected and speeds up the sign-in process when the visitor arrives.
  • Access Control: Limited access to locations in the premise
  • Intelligent Reporting: A wide range of reports can be generated & exported in various formats like PDF, Excel, Word etc.
  • Customized badge and Gatepass format – Easily customize the formats
  • Security & Safety: Visitor information can be useful when investigating security or safety incidents, and for auditing billings by vendors or contractors.
  • Batch visitor registration: This feature allows large groups of visitors to be pre-registered into the system. This feature is useful when a large meeting or conference is being hosted at the facility.
  • Configurable with a number of hardware devices: Devices like web-cam, bar-code scanner, fingerprint scanner, printer & scanner can be configured.