by k9812d

“transform to Process Oriented business workflows”

Software becomes the crux of every business in the digital era. May it be data acquisition, manipulation and computing, reporting of data; it needs to be handled well by specialised software that are bug and error free.

Software Development

We develop software for humans. These applications evolve around a fact of what, how and which people will be using the software. And based on this knowledge, the UI’s are created for the smooth transition from traditional applications, other third-party applications.

Imagine Works develops software and applications based on Microsoft Technologies. Since inception, this platform has been our favorite. The vastness of this framework allows to create an application of any level with different options for security and can be easily molded for Web, Desktop, Tablet or Mobile systems.

Imagine Works, have a proprietary framework developed in-house for Rapid Application development. A separate team works on this application, and have versions developed over a period of time to adopt to new technology updates, security patches and optimisation of the processes.

The core software development team are Microsoft Certified individuals, who ensure that standard processes are followed to ensure workable, well-tested application is created and deployed.

Peripheral Integration

We go a step ahead for creating great softwares; the applications we develop can support most of the peripheral devices that client uses (or plans to implement) in his premise. Seamless integration with the hardware ensures, the software makes utmost use of the functionality that the hardware supports and delivers it as user friendly options to the client.


  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Ecommerce
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Education
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Film and Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Information Services and Publishing

What we Deliver

  • ERP
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • POS Solutions
  • E-commerce setup(Custom, CMS based)
  • Integration of existing ERP with e-commerce sites
  • Online booking engines
  • Digital marketing events
  • Management application for hotels(small, medium)
  • Reservation and scheduling applications
  • Institute management ERP
  • Library management
  • Pollution certificate generator
  • Automated timetable generation systems

Key Benefits of the Service

We are the bridge between two parties – Sellers and Buyers. We help companies at every stage of growth; developing custom solutions and collaborating with all levels of your business, being user-centric.

  • We help conceptualise the solution
  • We help decide on the infrastructure required
  • We help align brand strategy with key objectives
  • We help strategise online marketing & propagation
  • We help companies nurture loyal customers

We provide three options – either purchase a theme online, create a custom theme or use the one given by the customer

We can develop and deploy applications on any hosting platform chosen by the customer. Hosting on our server is preferred by not mandatory

We help the business to flourish online, by providing right Digital Marketing strategies. We provide organic and inorganic (paid) campaigns targeting Search Engines and Social Media. More here – Digital Marketing

We provide various Website Maintenance packages for managing clients website. We support sites either developed by us or by other vendor hired by the client.