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3 Reasons Why Your Data is Safest in a Cloud ERP System

Cloud ERP systems are great because they give you easy access to your business data no matter where you happen to be at the moment, whether you’re on your home computer or using your smartphone while standing in line at the grocery store. However, there are many benefits of cloud ERP systems that go beyond convenience – they make your business data safer than ever before! Here are 3 reasons why your data is safest in a cloud ERP system: #1. Your data will always be backed up #2. Your data can only be accessed by those who need it #3. 

Cloud ERP systems are highly secure 

Cloud-based systems are highly secure by design. Any company that operates on the cloud must comply with the standards set forth by regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to ensure HIPAA compliance, or they risk losing their business license to operate. Any potential breaches will be dealt with swiftly and confidently, without fear of data loss or contamination from external sources. 

Cloud-based systems are highly secure because they are continually monitored for intrusions and data leaks. The algorithms used for this monitoring process can detect hacking attempts, malware, viruses, and other security breaches within minutes of them happening, giving IT departments time to handle the problem before it escalates into something more serious. 

Cloud ERP systems offer data backup and disaster recovery 

When you store your data on the cloud, it’s backed up and secure. This means that even if you lose your computer and all of its data, you’ll have the information elsewhere. You can also access your files from any device with an internet connection, so you’re never without access to your essential information. The best part? A cloud-based system is designed for disaster recovery. This means that in case of an emergency like a fire or natural disaster, all of your valuable data will be safe and sound–even if physical servers are damaged or destroyed.

Cloud ERP systems offer granular security controls 

First, when using cloud-based software, it’s essential to ensure that your data is encrypted before being stored online. This means that even if someone gets access to the server, they will not be able to read any of the information on your hard drive because it has been encrypted. Second, granular security features are available with cloud ERP systems that are not available with on-premise systems. 


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