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3 Surprising Benefits of VR Training for Businesses

Virtual reality (VR) training programs are the latest in workplace education, and they’re quickly gaining popularity with employees and businesses alike. If you’ve been thinking about setting up your own VR training program or evaluating current ones, it’s good to know all the benefits of VR training for businesses before you do so. Here are three big benefits that might have escaped your notice until now. 

1) Enhanced Engagement 

VR training provides a whole new level of engagement. There is nothing like being fully immersed in the virtual world to bring your senses alive. You can learn more about a product, service, or process than you could imagine from just looking at it on a screen. It’s also an immersive way to teach and train employees and customers because they are so involved in what they’re doing that they’ll retain the information better. And if anything does go wrong, there’s no need to worry: The person who created the environment has total control over how things happen, so everything will be under control. 

2) Increased Retention 

In the old way, people would have to go through training and then take a test at the end. This process had high rates of retention because it was relatively easy to verify that the trainee had learned the information. However, with VR training, people can learn and retain information more efficiently. And because they can retain information more easily, there is a higher chance that they will do what is necessary for an emergency when put under pressure. With lower rates of attrition, companies can save money on their training budget. Better Cost-Efficiency: The ROI from VR training could be as much as 50% lower than traditional methods. 

3) Boosted Productivity 

Virtual reality training has a lot of benefits, but one people don’t often consider is the boost in productivity. This is because when someone gets trained on something in virtual reality, they’re able to retain a lot more information. They also spend less time re-training themselves on things that have already been done and learned.  

Plus, it’s a great way to make training more realistic and immersive, which can lead to better retention rates overall.  

Companies that use these types of virtual reality training systems see an increase in productivity as well as an improvement in their bottom line. 


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