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AWS Local Zones: Near-instant access to the cloud for fast-paced applications

Imagine a world where latency doesn’t stand in the way of business success. That’s the vision behind Amazon Web Services (AWS) Local Zones, which can slash access latency to fractions of milliseconds and transform applications that depend on low-latency connections from a nice to have to a critical operational requirement. 

Introducing AWS Local Zones 

AWS Local Zones enable single-digit millisecond latency for end users in specific geographies, powering applications such as live-streaming video, real-time gaming & Machine Learning inferences. AWS has launched a US East region in Ohio and provides reduced latencies to end users across North America. With AWS, you can launch EC2 instances in any of these regions with a few clicks from the console or API. You can even select an instance type that is supported only by that region, eliminating cross-data center latency. 

Why do you need low-latency access to the cloud?

For latency-sensitive applications, like live video streaming, real-time gaming, or machine learning inference, AWS’s new solution offers significant benefits. AWS Local Zones offer single-digit millisecond latency and geographic proximity to end users. This means that business can provide their customers with low latencies without compromising on security or performance. More importantly, this is an excellent option for organizations with strict regulatory requirements where data residency and use are important considerations. 

What are some applications that benefit from AWS Local Zones? 

These applications benefit from AWS Local Zones because they require low latency, such as live-streaming video, real-time gaming, and Machine Learning inferences. AWS is constantly evolving and improving its infrastructure to best serve customers’ needs. In addition to maintaining a global network of servers close to end users (known as edge locations) that improve latency for many types of workloads, AWS also has introduced a new service called AWS Local Zone, which further decreases response times by providing a server within the customer’s data center. This service is available in various geographies across four zones—US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and Central Asia (India)—and offers single-digit millisecond latency from an end-user perspective. 

How do I get started with AWS Local Zones? 

AWS is always thinking about ways to make it easier and faster for customers to use their services. One way they’ve done this recently is by introducing AWS Local Zones, which are virtual data centers in specific geographies with a latency of fewer than 10 milliseconds. There are currently three AWS regions that have been qualified as a local zone, and more will be added soon. If you would like to learn more about how you can get started with AWS Local Zones, please visit our website.  

A few example scenarios where AWS Local Zones would work well: In a live streaming scenario, using these zones enables single-digit millisecond latency end users in specific geographies enabling them to receive real-time video feeds without any delay whatsoever. Another example could be in an on-demand gaming scenario where response times are crucial. With this type of application, the player wants instant feedback without waiting for packets to traverse across continents before receiving any input from their game controller. These types of scenarios apply to any enterprise or organization that wants fast responses from computing resources when interacting with end users no matter where they may reside globally. 


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