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How to Set Up a Recovery Email to Avoid Losing Your Accounts?

Have you ever forgotten your password and lost access to all of your email accounts? Having a recovery email can help avoid this nightmare scenario, where someone might be able to reset your passwords or hack into your accounts. It’s easy to set up and will help you sleep better at night! Let us show you how it’s done. 


The importance of backups 

Backing up is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to computer safety. You might think that if you only use your computer for games and social media, backing up probably isn’t necessary. But there are still things on your computer that are worth saving–your school projects, for example. If you ever lose or break your laptop or phone and need to get a new one, these files would be gone forever if not backed up. It’s also possible for someone with the right skills to hack into your email account and delete everything without ever having access to your computer. A recovery email will keep all of these worries away because it’s an extra email address that acts as a backup account in case anything happens. 


The easiest way to backup your accounts 

You’ve probably heard the term recovery email before, but do you know what it means? The idea is that when you first sign up for an account with a website, you should immediately create an alternative email address for yourself and use it as your recovery email. When you set up your account, have the website automatically send the password and username (or email) to the recovery email. In case anything happens and your original account information gets compromised (e.g., hacked or lost), then all you need is your recovery email in order to regain access to your account. 


The truth about two-factor authentication 

2FA protects your account in two ways. First, it asks you for a code that is sent via text message or generated by an app on your phone when you log in. This ensures that someone who has stolen your password and username can’t get into your account, even if they know all the answers to your security questions. Second, 2FA sends you an email with a password reset link every time someone tries to change your password or access one of the other sensitive settings on your account.  

If you’ve ever been locked out of an account because someone else changed the password, had their account hacked, etc., this is something worth looking into. 


Recovering from a hack 

If you don’t have a recovery email set up, you’ll be locked out of your account for life. Setting up recovery emails is easy! All it takes is a little bit of time and patience. Here’s how: 

-Go to the account settings page on your favourite social media site or email provider.  

-Find the Security tab and click Send me my login info. -You will then receive an email with your username and password. -Save these somewhere that’s safe, but not in the same location as your original account information. -Now whenever you forget your password, you can just log in using this email instead of being locked out forever!


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