People Management (HRMS)

People Management (HRMS)

by k9812d

What is Purple?

Simply put, “Purple” is a Human Resource Management application. It helps business to track their employee attendance, payroll, employee profiles, performance etc.

It is an agile application which has the right features in right place. With a easy learning curve this software is ideal for industry with any sized work force.

The admin stands at the top in the application who can manage other users and define permissions for each one separately. He can add employees who are provided with self help portal to track and manage their information. Such a system promotes a transparent system of working.


The crux of every organisation is the people working for it. The motivated people in the right direction bring about the right change in the company. To manage such a task force, an organisation requires an another set of people with specialised skills – Human Resource (HR) Team.

HR team, has the right mix of people with skills to manage, analyse and derive information about the people in the organisation. They have statistical methods to measure the performance of the people, productivity levels, skills of the individual, attendance and availability etc., finally helping to make sure the right people are the doing the right jobs in the company. The purple solution is designed for the HR team. It gives the HR team a Swiss Army knife to manage and measure the people, their sincerity and their work related performance.

We as a developer of this solution, feel that Human Resources is an essential and vital department of every company. While, the project managers get the work done on the floor which converts as companies profitability, the people they get the work done from are actually selected, groomed and catered to by the HR department. Not only the project floor, but people in every section of the company.

Purple application, fits in right with respect to the Standards Operations Procedures (SOP) of the HR department. It has the right modules prioritised to get the job done faster, with respect to the role of the user logged in. With a tightly knitted modular structure, the architecture of the Purple solution ensures simplicity of usage, data security and scheduled backups for smooth operations among all sections/sub sections of the organization.

Purple will make the operations of the company process oriented rather than people dependant. It has the right tools that is required by the HR department to get the work done.

How it will help the organization ? 

  • Transparency in the system between the Human Resource Department and the employee
  • Better tracking of the attendance and the leaves
  • Faster generation of required reports
  • Automatic triggers for sending SMS/Emails to concerned people in hierarchy
  • Complete control for the admin over the data, changes in information made, data backups etc

Purple solution is customised and curated by Imagine Works.


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Modules in the application

  • Role based operations – The solution allows a three-role communication – admin, managers/HOD and users, each with distinctive responsibilities and permissions.
  • People information – Extensive information management of all facets of the employee or person associated with the company
  • Attendance and leaves – Integrates with an external attendance reader (offline) – fetches and formulate the attendance based on the rules set by the admin and updates this on the portal. Automatically calculates leaves, presence or official duties.
  • Salary, Bonus – Payroll is integrated in the application with an extensive customisation. The admin can set all the payable and deduction parameters and every month the software will create a final figure of payments based on the attendance calculated.
  • Promotions – Every designation the user is promoted is managed here along with supplemented documents.
  • Idea submission – A portal to allow users/employees to submit ideas for the betterment of the organisation. This can be further extended to have the company employees get appraisals in case the idea is implemented.
  • Request for items – Users can request for items as they require it. This request can be redirected to the right user role.
  • Notifications – Extensive notifications to the management users, team leaders, admins, employees can be set here. The application is customised to send notifications via alerts on screen, sms and email.
  • Miscellaneous –
    • Customise every section of the application for data entry, formula for salary/attendance calculations etc.
    • Add/update the company information.
    • Set notification messages (SMS, Email, Alerts) and link it to the triggers defined.