The 5 Best Free Resume Builders

The 5 Best Free Resume Builders

by editor

You might’ve heard this before, “first impressions are your lasting impressions”, and the same can be said for resumes, as it makes an impression on a prospective employer. So, having a good resume is a crucial step while searching for a job.

If you fail to make an impression, a prospective employer will not stop to consider you as a suitable candidate for the job on offer, and will likely move on to other candidates who have provided better resumes.

Consider resume as more of a marketing tool for yourself. It conveys your ability and gives the employer a clear idea if you can fit in the organization.

If you’ve never written a resume, don’t worry. Here are 5 best free resume builders:

Resume Genius

Amongst the easiest and fastest free resume maker, it has an easy-to-use interface and the tool walks you through the categories that include education, work experience, and references.

It offers eight different templates varying from ‘Taj Mahal’ to ‘Classic’. The easy fill-in-the-blank sections give you an opportunity to have an impressive, comprehensive resume in no time.

My Perfect Resume

With Perfect Resume, you can either start from scratch into the pre-existing template or upload a pre-made resume format. The tools also provide with expert recommendations as you go about writing they offer phrases that you can include for specific roles.

It also enables you to include (optional) certifications, affiliations, and accomplishments, which is vital particularly if you’re just starting out, or switching industries. It is especially helpful if you’re applying for creative roles, you can add colour or a unique design to your resume.

Standard Resume

It allows you to import all your information directly from LinkedIn, that’s time- saving if your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date.

The B&W background and minimalist features allow you to focus on what really matters – your content. You can switch between “Write” and “Design” back and forth to see how your resume looks as you go along, you can download it as a PDF once you’re done.

The best about the tool is it enables your resume to be mobile-responsive, so you can view it on your smartphone.


Canva is your go-to for graphic designing, the pre-existing templates make everything better. If you want your resume to really stand out, dive into Canva and choose from their several mesmerizing templates that are sure to catch the eye of your employer.

They also have the resume templates sorted out in categories like ‘Graphic Design’, ‘Corporate’, and ‘Creative’, making it easier to choose based on your preferred industry.


Indeed not only helps you make your resume, but it also is a platform that provides employment, so once you’re done, the site allows you to automatically share your resume with employers

If you’ve already made a resume, it’s still a good idea to upload to the site for exposure to potential employers. While it admittedly doesn’t offer as many options as the above mentioned sites in terms of creativity, but Indeed is an impressive option if you want to create a more traditional resume and start sharing it immediately.

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